Why white marketing automation services can make your agency grow

Marketing automation is a priority in most of companies. Use white label automation services to provide it to your customer without the need of new headcounts in your agency.

Marketing automation is a series of tools that companies can use to track behavior and communicate to user in different channels in a personalized way. You can nurture users in a autopilot mode until they buy one of your services or products.

Benefits of marketing automation for your agency

More than 70% of companies think that marketing automation need to be part of their marketing tools in 2020.  Marketing automation software vendors grew by a 28% last year.

Marketing automation spent will increase from 9.8 billions to more than 20 billions in 2023.  Automation is a reality as is driving sales increase to the companies that use it.


Benefits of marketing automation for your customer

Implementation of marketing automation drives to the optimization of your customer’s marketing campaigns. A company can improve in the following ways:

  • Better use experience. Right now most companies try to build customer centric products. User experience is a priority. With marketing automation we can provide personalize content to users improving their online experience.  Using behavioral data can trigger messages and email marketing campaigns to provide a personalized user experience.
    Most than a 93 of the companies that can provide personalized experiences increase their sales.
  • Scale campaigns. Using marketing automation workflows let you create multiple campaigns to cover different steps of the customer journey.
  • Optimize time of marketing staff reducing the time spent in repetitive task. Let them focus in what is important.
  • Increase customer life time value with the implementation of retention campaigns. Marketing automation let the creation personalized retention campaigns.

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