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Increase your agency revenue offering full marketing automation services

fully managed marketing automation services
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Our Marketing Automation Services leverages our experience to your agency to get automation services out the door quickly and professionally.

We’ve helped to implement hundreds of automation campaigns and maintain marketing automation platforms that deliver thousands of email and impacts to users every month. 

We’re your marketing automation experts that work behind the scenes to make you shine.

  • Agency fully focus

    Customers are yours not ours. You decide what to charge your customer.

  • We are marketing automation experts

    Marketing automation software platform fully managed. Rebranded to your or your customer brand.

  • Hands off service

    We can wear your hat and interact with your customer on your behalf.

  • Agency support

    Your agency has a project manager to centralize all your needs and provide support

Southbound is your partner - not your competitor

Increase your agency's revenue using our marketing automation outsourcing services

Managed marketing automation software hosting

Fully implemented marketing automation platform (Mautic) hosted and maintained in a dedicated cloud server and email deliverability set up.

We keep all the systems updated, secure for you so you don’t need to spend to hire a system administrator.

Each platform will be fully branded to your brand. We manage all backups and updates for you. You will charge the amount you decide to your client.

We take care of all the technical backoffice. Your customers will be able to use use one of the most advanced marketing automation platforms, used by more than 200.000 companies

Your all in one mkt automation platform includes these features:

  • Users behavior tracking
  • Contact nurturing
  • Forms wizards
  • Landing page drag and drop creation
  • Email marketing templating
  • Email marketing drip workflows
  • Multy channel communication
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Lead scoring
  • CRM integration
Marketing automation strategy

We can work with you to create a bespoke marketing automation strategy for your customers. Marketing automation build around your customer’s business goals.

We have helped organizations from different verticals to include marketing automation in their marketing and sales process. We can provide guidance about the integration of the marketing platform with a CRM platform

We can provide education to your customers on your behalf to let them take all the benefits from marketing automation.

IMPLEMENTATION OF Marketing automation campaigns
We have the experience to create and run campaigns that generate leads and sales to your customer. Our automation marketing dedicated team can provide:
  • Campaign workflows creation
  • Design and development of forms
  • Landing pages design and coding
  • CMS integration
  • RRSS monitoring
  • Lead magnets
  • Email campaign management
  • Drip emails campaigns
  • List segmentation
  • Lead scoring
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • CRM integrations
  • Email service provider integration
  • Optimization of email deliverability 

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